Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Very Inspiring Short Film You Should Not Miss

I was looking over YouTube this morning when I landed on such a very inspiring video. It is no ordinary story. And I may say that this video really did left an itch to my heart. This is about a boy who never had seen his father as a good dad and as an inspiration. Instead, he got angry with his father because he thought he was just such a cold and heartless dad who never cared for him.

Watching this video left me teary eyed. I came into a realization what really matters in this world. I realized that being poor is not really a sin. Money is not the real measurement of your richness. According to the story, being rich is not actually how much you have money in your hands. It is how much you give to others and how you were able to touch other people’s lives in a good way.

Another moral that I got from the story is the common adage “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. Or shall I say, in this story, do not judge your dad or anyone else with its appearance and with what you initially see about him.

I hope this could as well leave your heart with some realizations about life.