Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Vital Role of Journalists and Bloggers to Global Peace

Since my college days, I have been hearing that freedom of expression together with its democratic principles is guarded by those individuals in the media who fought and died for the sake of such freedom to express one’s self and to unveil anything that is happening around us without pretensions and prejudice.

The fast communication of networks around the world that we have today is considered as the pillars in promoting peace and unity among all mankind. Tri-media people like myself, for instance, play a very vital role in the continuous existence of the freedom of expression not only for human rights but also for maintaining the spirit of brotherhood and universal progress.

Thus, our active influence, as individuals in the world of blogging, media and broadcasting, in the lives of the general public becomes an integral part as well as an immediate tool in imparting knowledge, truth and pieces of information to the whole world. 

As a blogger and a journalist at the same time, we have the capacity to contribute to the political and economic change in the world. Our role as writers as well as our objectives in global peace and self-expression is too vital that these should not be destroyed and hindered by any chaos or any aggressions perhaps.