Hi everyone, welcome to very my own little corner, the Sandra Mitchell blog.

My name is Sandra, an avid fan of writing and blogging, a health lover and an energetic fitness blogger. 

I am an active sports enthusiast. Me and my friends use to hang out together almost every weekend. We love swimming as well as playing sports games like badminton, volleyball and basketball. We also love to go on shopping if it's payday and do anything we can think of at that moment, anything worthwhile just to loosen up from the week's work load, pressure and stress.

In this blog, you will be able to get to know more about me. I love putting into pen my experiences specially those that are remarkable and inspirational. I also love sharing with others some information that can help each individual boost their own selves and can help each individual to become a better person.

Currently, I am employed as an internet marketing supervisor in an online-based multinational company. At the same time, I am the primary contributor of, a website that shares experiences and valuable information about the health benefits of kefir grains.

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