Friday, May 30, 2014

Why I Hated Writing?

During my childhood years, I always hated it when our teacher asked us to write something in our formal and informal themes for English subject. I even hated it when our teacher let us write topics that I considered very trivial. I did not like the idea of doing our theme projects as I hate writing, rewriting and do another rewriting until I ran out of ideas, of ink and of pad paper.

  1. I hated writing our theme projects because I felt it was so tedious and boring. I always need to rewrite and rewrite my output.
  2. I hated it because callouses started appearing in my cute little fingers.
  3. I hated it because I needed to polish out some knotty spellings of difficult words, conform to the intricate punctuation rules and to the bewildering grammar standards and guidelines.
  4.  I hated it because I always get confused and puzzled with what proper vocabularies should I use for a specific topic.
  5. In short, I really hated writing, in general.

Writing for me used to be a very monotonous and scorched undertaking. I used to ask myself, why I should need to write and rewrite if I would just end up fuzzy, wasted and loathed. Writing seemed to be an illogical task for me.

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