Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Special Valentine

While most people around the world are busy planning and preparing for their special date this Valentine’s Day, I am doing something more profitable and productive. For me, Valentine’s is not merely a time for couples and sweethearts but for everybody as well- regardless of your age, gender, lifestyle, social status, beliefs and appearance.

This Valentine’s Day I had spent a great day with the kids in our neighborhood. I have been always a kid-buff. I mean, I like caring for them, loving them, hugging, and kissing them. Kids are just so cute, imaginative and innocent. I like to see their innocent face painting certain kind of joy whenever I mingle and play with them. 

I want to let kids know and feel the essence of Valentine’s Day. I want them to be open-minded of what is really meant by the occasion. These cute little fellas also wanted to buy some stuffs for their respective loved ones. Instead of buying Valentine’s gifts, I thought that why not help these kids do their stuffs. Wouldn’t it be nicer to give something that really comes from your hard work and from your heart? 

With this, I had organized a backyard activity for the kids. It’s an activity wherein every child could be able to use their own natural artistic prowess and their vast imaginative mind. Here are some of the stuffs kids had done:

Home-made Valentine's Day greetings card for Stella's mom and dad.

 Great work for a nine years old Janine.

Yarn hearts for Valentine's Day. 

 Scratch book style greetings card. So nice and lovable.

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