Saturday, October 25, 2014

Things You Might Have Not Known About Me

You might be wondering who I really am, what my personality is, and what I am like. Well, I have enlisted here the top 5 facts about me that you might have not known yet.

Although I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, I am also passionate about teaching. I used to be a part time college instructor, teaching mainly accounting, economics and business related subjects.

I am a journalist since elementary. I had been an editor in chief of our school paper for two consecutive years and an associate editor for almost four years. I like the feeling of broadcasting in front of many people and I like to feel the thrill brought on by pressure and nervousness.

I am a sports enthusiast. I love playing various kinds of sports. I used to play softball and football in college.

I am also a good dancer. Well, that’s what my fellows told me. I have been a member of a dance troupe for over 10 years now. We do cheerdance, dancesports, ballroom, folkdance, zumba and many more.

I love debate. I was also an active member of our college debating society. Debating energizes my senses and helped me a lot in developing my speaking, analytical, listening and researching skills.

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